Young minds

Her second love!  Megan began teaching in her early teens and has always enjoyed the imagination, fearlessness and bravery of children!  She continues to teach as regularly as time allows because she loves sharing her thoughts and passion with children.  She teaches and directs locally, as well as for a few theatre companies throughout the states.   

Her teaching philosophy is to create a structured enough environment for kids to really be able to explore their imaginations and create stories without judgment or "editing".  

Megan grew up dancing through life at an early age and chose to pursue the world of performance and storytelling.  Now working in film, theatre and television in Los Angeles, Megan thrives where there are creative, authentic and passionate people, collaborating to share stories about the human experience.

Her mission:

"I strive to be an artist who honestly portrays the full human condition, its beauty and its chaotic mess, and instill a sense of connectedness in those around me" -MLP

(She also regularly makes up her own words...)

Megan directed her first theatrical production while still in high school.  Over the years, directing has continued to be something that inspires and invigorates Megan.  She continues to work in theatrical production, but has also directed many shorts, teasers, PSAs and is beginning pre-production on her first feature directing opportunity!




Megan Lee Pyle

The beginning

Megan has loved acting since the very beginning.  Whether performing in music videos in her friends' basements, jumping up on stage at local theatre shows, or singing songs to strangers in the airport, Megan has always been quick to try to make others smile.